Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning to ride a bike

I love this picture of them playing together! My cousin Kerstin captured this picture when I asked her to take some pics of the girls in thier dance outfits. Kate is helping Leah ride her tricylce. She kept saying "Pedal. Pedal." And then Kate Placed Leah's foot on the pedal of the bike. It is so fun to watch them together! They are the best of friends!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leah loves to be naked!

Ok, so at least five times I have gone in to check on Leah and put a blanket on her and she is totally naked in her crib with her little bottom sticking up, or she is jumping up and down. What a funny girl. Still don't know why she does this. She did it again tonight, and I said, "You.. (and she finished it for me)... stinker!" She is hilarious! I love that she is always making our family laugh. Love her!

Kates loves her boots!

Kate loves her new boots! I don't know why, they are not that special. Sometimes they are the only things she wants to wear. Those and her turtle shirt.

Happy 2nd B-day

The girls had a very busy B-day at the zoo. They love the animals. Many children do not play with their stuffed animals. Not the case with my girls. They play with animals all of the time. Leah asks me on a daily basis to go to the zoo or Farm Country to see the animals. So needless to say the Zoo was a big hit. They also had their there very own princess cakes. I had so much fun making thier cakes last year, I decided to do it again. We had a lot of cake left over since we did not do a party this year. Since we had left over cake, when I asked the girls what they wanted for breakfast the response was always, " Birthday cake!", which I only gave into once. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

3 Times a Finisher!

I have trained for the St. George marathon on three seperate occasions. I won't go into detials about it, but I was not able to run in it for the first two trainings. I finally did 1 week ago. I loved it! Honestly, I did! I really thought I wouldn't like it too much. I promised myself that this was the only marathon that I was going to run ever!!! Everyone told me that once you run a marathon, you are hooked. It is true. I don't know when I will do one again, but I will definitely run st. George again sometime. I was pleased as punch with my time. I wanted to do it under four hours and I made it in 3:52 and felt pretty good. I didn't get one blister or lose one toe nail which if you have run St. George it is a real accomplishment. :) I definitely get runners' high. It is the best drug I know of. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lake Powell with kids

A typical trip to Lake Powell for me used to be skiing and wake boarding early in the morning on glassy water. Blasting our favorite music. Taking the boat up canyons and hiking. Relaxing and laying out on the top of the houseboat with ice cold water. Eating delicious barbecue chicken and watching the sun go down. Skinny dipping. Cliff Jumping. Flying in the air on the tube. Kayaking down a narrow canyon. And again... a lot of skiing and wake boarding. Now I'm not complaining, but this trip was definitely different.

It went like this. Wake up and fix breakfast. Sneak off the houseboat while grandma tends the kids to catch a few ski and wake board runs. Get the kids in their swimsuits. Apply sunscreen. Watch them play in the sand and water. Take them for a short boat ride. Put them down for a nap. Swim off the back of the boat and watch the kids jump in. Feed the kids dinner. Sneak away again to ski and wake board. Lay by their crib till they fall asleep so they don't jump out of it. Fall asleep on the top. Wake up 3 times each night to play with the girls in the middle of the night. (They had so much excitement!)

Ok, so I exaggerated a little! The trip really was amazing! I was thrilled to have my sister and her son Sean on the trip with us. My parents helped so much with Kate, Leah, and Sean. Watching the kids get so excited and having a blast at Powell made up for the things that I used to do. I loved watching them get so excited about the water, playing on the tube, burying their feet in the sand, watching their faces light up when they opened the treasure chest we buried, jumping of the back of the boat, chilling on the boat ride to dangling rope, feeding their ice cream to the hungry carp, throwing rocks, playing with water toys, and loving every minute outside. They couldn't wait to get in the water again! The trip was different, but it had bonus features with the kids. We had a blast and it was great to see Kate and Leah love Lake Powell too! I got to do most of the same things, and I loved being there with my girls!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Running with friends- Becky and Tasha

Right before the race began.